DenverHour's HappyHourForTechPower

Fall 2017 Denver, CO

Expanding on the growing popularity of our ChicagoHour and HappyHourForTechPower event series, we've come to Denver! We are planning our next event and have a tentative December date. There are lots of details to work out and if you are up to the challenge and want or can help us get going... Great! Send us an e-mail

  • Happy Hour and more formal networking events
  • Pseudo-Pitch to get instant feedback for problems you may be running into
  • Round-Robin series
  • Sponsored events planned. Who doesn't like free stuff!.
  • Have a product or service you want to feature or advertise? Let us know!
  • Registration is now open! Sign up for our e-mail list or follow us on Twitter/Facebook to stay current!
  • Use the Buy Now button below to purchase your admission and register for the event. If you're intersted in a quantity over 10, please e-mail us at
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    Shortly, we will have the opportunity to invite guest speakers and presenters to enrich the overall experience. If you know someone or are someone you think would resonate well with the crowd, let us know.

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    • speaker social
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    We plan on growing to accomodate two or more speakers. Until then, we may use this space to feature an interesting guest!

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    • speaker social

Event Location

Denver, CO

venue location

Additional Event Details

6:00 pm Check-in
7:00 pm Hosted bar ends
7:01 pm Keep on Networking!
8:00 pm Pitch? Q/A? Present your questions to the attendees
8:30 pm Closing Remarks
8:31 pm ""After Hours" Begins